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Our Mission

To serve as a Health Care Area management office with a focus on Medical Diagnostics for selected manufacturers of quality products and services with the dedication, commitment and energy of the manufacturer's own staff but in a more cost effective manner. Thus giving distributors and customers access to the highest quality products, services and support at affordable prices.

The Company

MAKHEALTH , a Healthcare specialist with years of expertise in this field, has been helping large and small companies expand their businesses since 1996. In 2006 we have launched our European activities in the point of care sector starting with Poland, this is in addition to our first class distribution network of around 40 top quality distributors in the Middle East and Africa. For maximum coverage, our operational unit in Hajnovka Poland, now focuses on EU business and our regional office in Beirut- Lebanon established in 2001, covers the African & Middle Eastern countries. Our track record for the last 20 years speaks volumes, for the high level of success we have achieved for us and our partners, including leaders in their field such as Meccanottica,MEDIPOLE,MEDITE,  and more recently with our own Point of Care products, giving further proof to the validity and viability of our business formula.

With many years of experience in this field we believe we can help all sizes of companies on short or long term basis to maximize strategically and operationally on sales opportunities of their products and at the same time give distributors and customers more choice of quality product at acceptable prices.

From the existing pool of Distributors or the list of 2500 potential distributors, we painstakingly screen, investigate, select and appoint the most suitable distributors. Experienced people in the industry know how costly, time consuming and tough this process can be.

On a day to day basis we support distributors with issues relating to commercial offers, preparation of tenders, product information, competition and general problem solving. We organise annual distributor meetings to ensure distributors are up to date on sales, marketing and product knowledge, which also gives the opportunity for manufacturers and distributors to meet face to face and have direct discussion.

Regular visits to the markets to update on product training, support sales actions, visit opinion leaders, support local exhibitions and help with the implementation of sales and marketing strategy are some of our key functions. These actions allow us and our principals to stay close to market which is essential to grow in any business.

Being a marketing driven company we heavily invest time, money and energy in publication of product evaluation articles, press releases, company news and advertising, as well as attending major exhibitions. Needless to say, all these actions which are financed by ourselves and/or our principals, have already proven to be a massive asset in helping distributors reach customers and boost image and sales of related products.  

 At all times, we pride ourselves in keeping close contact with the manufacturers, providing them not only with sales but quality market information on competition, customer needs and market trends to help them make appropriate and sound decisions on product and market development matters .

Product Range



Meccanottica  has been specialist for several years to furnish ophthalmic specialist clinicIt is not just a supplier for equipment and systems but a specialist with knowledge specialized in custom-made refraction units for the ophthalmology. Offering  sharpness, with the actual knowledge of the equipment and furnishing clinics as well as a quick and accurate service. Creating space customer will need to deliver top performance. Because of this Meccanottica  is the successful producer within the ophthalmology. Meaccnottica develop and deliver almost all top products for ophthalmology room furnishing.Thanks to the technical expertise of own technical engineers, we guarantee continuity of preventive service and installation. What can a customer   expect from us?

  • Complete furnishing, like refraction units, desktops and cases
  • Additional furniture for the purpose of the consulting and surgery-room
  • Fully service and support of your units by own technical engineers



MediTop develops and manufactures, entirely in-house, ENT treatment units and complete interiors for the ENT-Surgery. MediTop also delivers different types of medical equipment. As stand-alone, offering a complete package for endoscopy and stroboscopy, instrumentation, disposables, chairs and benches and deliver a total solution for audiometry and diagnostic equipment for balance inquiry.Combined with the software applications for digital storage and data links on digital patient record of the hospital, the assortment covers almost all facets of the ENT-Surgery. For the consulting room of the ENT specialist there are several ENT treatment units available, with a wide choice of options to integrate into the unit.Besides the ENT treatment units for the consulting room, offering a microscopy unit for in the operating room and several mobile ENT treatment units that can be used in the emergency department. There may be several functions integrated in the furniture, including: Stroboscopy- or video camera system, combined with the most recent techniques, like the flexible “Chip-on-tip” videonasopharyngoscopy. Using  software applications  able to provide digital storage of both video and photo images for various medical specialties, as well as data links on digital patient record of the hospital using HL7, DICOM or a combination of both; Ultrasound A-scan, Tympanometry, Rhinomanometry and Caustic. Also the other furniture, like desktops and cases can be custom made in the same colour.Based on  years of experience, MediTop can advise you about the most ideal setup and different options for your clinic, whereby  providing a technical service with an overview of all necessary information and facilities. 

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